Our brands

Our brands

Vermaut’s boerenbrood

Vermaut and boerenbrood  have been intrinsically connected with each other for over 100 years. Every day Vermaut’s Boerenbrood supplies supermarkets, bakeries and  market vendors. Besides our specialty, boerenbrood or country bread, the bakery also has a large range of breads, bread rolls, patisserie and viennoiserie. A large part of these breads is baked in a stone oven to give the bread a crispy and unique texture.  A lot of the viennoiserie and patisserie is made by hand. So it’s safe to say that we still work according to traditional methods and recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.


Under the consumer brand Bladerdeeg Vanmarcke we produce puff pastry, pies and viennoiserie in a traditional way. Everything is frozen after preparation in order to maintain the flavour and the freshness.

 Our specialty is artisanal puff pastry and is very popular  because of its excellent quality, rich flavour, different sizes and convenient consumer packaging . Besides that we have an offer of ready-made pies (jam, rice, frangipane, chocolate, cherry, apricot, …), apple turnovers, jam squares, … From freezer straight into to the oven, easy peasy. Delicious viennoiserie, bread rolls, sausage rolls and pizza bases complete the range.

 Vanmarcke stands for  artisanal flavour, tradition, excellent quality and convenience!


Montana Bakery is an artisanal bakery in the heart of London and is specialized in Italian bread products. They are renowned for their expertise in slowly and longer fermented doughs such as ciabatta, focaccia, laminates, garlic breads and pizza bases. We serve customers in both retail, food service as well as wholesale trade. Our range goes from MAP, to fresh and frozen products.

 In our modern facilities we try to strike the perfect balance between automated production and manual & artisanal expertise. Additionally we attach great importance to the use of fresh and natural ingredients . For example, the dough rest between 24 and 48 hours in order to develop the best flavour possible. A lot of the production is still manual in order to achieve a unique &  rustic look and we bake in stone ovens which contributes to the texture and flavour. To top it all of this site is completely GMO and nut free.