Our story

Our story

A rich and authentic history …

“Bake-Off is the future”. Robert Huygh, founder of Diversi Foods, already knew this in 1989. Since its early beginnings Diversi Foods has been known for its authenticity, quality, experience and innovation in bake-off, frozen and fresh bakery products.

It all starts on the field ...

For Diversi Foods it all starts on the field where we select the wheat with the utmost care. All our  raw materials have to meet several strict criteria prior to be eligible to be taken into account. After carrying out several tests, the ingredients with the best price/quality ratio are chosen. Next we process the ingredients, mostly using authentic & original recipes and traditional & artisanal production methods.  This results in delicious products that not only look good, but also taste good and have an inviting smell. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, snack or diner.

Total supplier for all channels

Over the years we have become a total supplier of a wide range of bakery products; in bake-off as well as in fresh, for retail as well as for food service and under private label. We have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. So it’s no wonder that Diversi Foods has grown into an international player within the world of bakery.

Ready for the future

Even though it all started with bake-off, we have broadened our horizons in recent years. In 2015 Vermaut's Boerenbrood joined us. It is known for its stone-baked authentic breads and fresh viennoiserie and patisserie. In 2016 Montana Bakery followed, an artisanal bakery in the heart of London that specializes in Italian bread specialties. Subsequently, Bladerdeeg Vanmarcke joined our family of bakers and now we also boast a nice range off artisanal puff pastry products.

Getting ready for the future also entails continuously analyzing & optimizing the current range. An example of this is our new Boulangerie de France site where we create baguettes according to French tradition.

We try to distinguish ourselves by means of our products’ appetite appeal, inviting smell and delicious freshness. That’s what makes the difference and that’s why customers and consumers alike choose our products. What are you waiting for? Discover our delicious range today.

Diversi Foods, your “preferred” partner in Bake-off, froze and fresh.