Our story

Our story

The specialist of the specialties.
Still an enterprising family business with more than 1500 employees and eight production locations in five EU countries.
From the start in 1989, Diversi Foods has provided you with ease of use and a delicious taste experience for your customers. Diversi Foods grew strongly and now forms one of the larger international players in bake-off bakery products together with Wolf ButterBack, under the wing of the Martin Braun-Gruppe. The current offering is extensive and varied, with premium breads, baguettes, sandwiches, savory snacks, viennoiserie and desserts. Moreover, you can count on your trusted Diversi Foods team that is ready with a smile to give you advice ...

… Because we really love our job.
You can taste that in our products, and you notice it in our service.
With us you will find traditionally made rustic breads and baguettes, croissants and cakes for a delicious breakfast, tasty snacks for on the go and the most delicious patisserie. Discover our catalog; a rich offer of classics as well as unique and innovative newcomers. Customization is our motto: together with you we choose the most suitable products and equipment.

From personalized products to training and online support,
we tailor our service to your needs.

Translating trends into new bakery products is our expertise! We monitor the food sector closely and respond to the needs of consumers. Our snacks, sandwiches and buns are the answer to the demand for a tasty and convenient meal on the go. Contributing to a sustainable society is self-evident for Diversi Foods. We give your customers the opportunity to consume sustainably thanks to the range of local and clean label products or compostable bread bags.

View our offer, be inspired and enjoy our specialties together with your customers.


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