Our values

Our values


Diversi Foods specializes in authentic recipes and traditional production methods. For instance, we have a couple of product ranges that are handmade and stone baked, such as our Pain d’Antan, Pain de Tradition and Vermaut ranges. Craftsmanship at its best!

Besides that we work with ingredients with European or local sourcing. In 2011 we partnered up with a Belgian retailer and a dozen of Belgian farmers to create a Belgian heritage bread full of flavour and character. The Camp Rémy wheat that we use for this purpose originates from sustainable farming. The wheat had been absent from Belgian fields for over 30 years, but has been working on a comeback in recent years. It’s a sturdy type of wheat that can be cultivated without the use of pesticides and additives. This entails a lower yield as opposed to that of a standard wheat  and a more intense labour process. Nevertheless, the unique character & flavor and the sustainable aspect are worth it!

Clean label

In our search for natural and authentic ingredients, recipes and production methods, we decided to add a comprehensive range of clean label references to our portfolio. What is more, all our ingredients are completely GMO-free, just like Mother Nature wants it.

At Diversi Foods clean label entails that our products are free from:

-          GMO

-          Artificial flavours and colouring agents

-          Preservatives

Furthermore, these products have simple and clean recipes consisting of a limited number of ingredients that could be found in most kitchen cabinets as it were.


We highly esteem authentic recipes and production methods. Whenever necessary we translate these to an industrial level so that we can offer great products to a large audience at competitive prices. The industrial aspect also implies that we work according to the highest quality standards possible, meeting consumers’, customers’ and governments’ requirements. Every single production process is ISO, HACCP and BRC certified in accordance with European regulations. In other words, we use state of the art technology, comply with the highest standards whilst preserving old world traditions to the best of our abilities.


Not only do we take pride in our quality, but also in our constantly evolving innovation funnel. We aim to stay abreast of the latest food trends and changes in the food landscape. We try to follow the trends and set them ourselves every now and then. To us, innovation is more than just product development & creation. It also entails offering customers efficient solutions when it comes to packaging and logistics. That’s how we try to stay relevant to the market, the customer and the consumer.


In our production sites we strive to integrate technological sustainability by means of introducing heat recuperation, LED-lights and solar panels. But also in our collaboration with clients and partners we apply a sustainable approach in order to build long-term relationships. Besides that we try to deal with our colleagues and employees in durable way as well in order to secure and satisfy our human capital.


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