Multicereal baguette Seafoodlover


- Multicereal baguette
- Humus with basil
- Green asparagus, al dente
- Cherry tomatoes (cut in 4)
- Asparagus sprouts
- Shrimp scampi (briefly baked in olive oil)
- Rosemary
- Black pepper


- Cut the crispy baguette lengthwise.
- Generously spread the humus on the bottom part of the baguette.
- Garnish with the scampi and green asparagus, alternatively.
- Finish with some cherry tomatoes , asparagus sprouts, rosemary and black pepper.

TIP: You can serve one part of the baguette as a canapé, together with other baguettes with different garnishes. That way you can create a nice ‘sharing dish’ with several flavours.